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01 Dec 2021

Hot Water Tank vs. On-Demand Water Tank: What Kind of Water Tank Best Suits Your Home?

Heating water is the average U.S. home’s second-highest utility cost after heating and cooling the house itself. Water heaters are a familiar appliance in most homes, as they’re commonly known as the tall metal cylinders in your basement or laundry room. Although the favored and traditional hot water tank is most widely used in the U.S. due to its reliability and simple usage, newer styles have surfaced with captivating features, like the on-demand water tank.

08 Dec 2020
Winter Heating Equipment

5 Ways to Save on Your Heating This Winter

As we settle into shorter days and colder temperatures, we know this is just the beginning of a long, cold Winter ahead. That’s why we want to make sure your heating equipment, and budget, lasts all Winter long. To get the most out of your equipment, continue reading for our tips on how to save on your heating bill, and talk to the professionals at Harder Electrical & Mechanical to learn about all your options.