As cooler temperatures make their way towards Albuquerque, people are beginning to restart their furnaces after a long summertime hiatus. While making this transition from summer to fall to winter, it’s easy to switch on the heat without thinking twice. However, in order to ensure efficient operation, we recommend that you have your furnace inspected and serviced at least once per year to maximize furnace efficiency.

Keeping your gas or electric furnace working cleanly and efficiently will ensure that you aren’t paying more for your heating needs than necessary. And although electric furnaces are not as common as natural gas furnaces, they do cost more to use, so it’s best to check that they aren’t using any more energy that they need to in order to heat your home.

Our licensed HVAC tech will:

  • Clean your gas furnace including its blower section and flame sensor rod
  • Perform a safety inspection of your gas furnace (flue, venting, and draft assembly)
  • Inspect all system components to prevent unexpected repairs and breakdowns
  • Perform a CO test and combustion analyzer test
  • Check for CO levels
  • Check all electrical components and connections
  • Check all safety sensors and switches
  • Check gas components, gas connections, and gas pressures
  • Check all modes of thermostat operation
  • Replace your air filter if necessary

Furnaces are designed and built to last many years, but if you fail to schedule regular furnace tune ups, you cannot expect your furnace to give you a long service life. To prevent future furnace repair costs and ensure you have a gas or electric furnace you can depend on this winter, call Harder Electrical & Mechanical to perform your furnace maintenance today!

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